12:16:01 PM

music sugizo, nostalgia (snow ver.)

Remember when I was complaining last week about wasting my time at work because I had nothing to do? So now it's Monday, and I find myself bombarded with work-related stuff, but I don't feel like doing any of them. What was that old adage again, about women and being fickle? ;
Anyways, my seatmate's watching Antz, and my other seatmate is surfing, and I'm here writing an entry on my journal, trying to decide whether to work or just slack off (which, technically, is what I'm already doing right now, cometothinkofit heh). Hmnmn, it's Monday.... does anyone realistically expect any work done on the first day of the week..? But then again I say the same thing on Fridays (just replace 'first day of the week' with 'last day of the week' and we're all set ^__^v)
What I want to do is work on my site. Yup. But I can't here. Also I'm thinking of installing PHP on my comp at home so I can check my site without having to upload everytime I make revisions. Can the non-techie Pink Spider do it? Watch out later (or tomorrow....), and if I never post anything for a long time it means I caused total destruction or blew my comp up or something. Lalalalaaa~~ *sings*

10:25:25 PM

welcome to my new layout
music luna sea, storm

Been sitting in front of the computer, working my arse off for my new layout, since yesterday. ARRGGGHHHH... I'm still not satisfied, but this will have to do, because I feel a headache coming and my bottom hurts (I really need a new chair though...). Will try out this new blogger for 2 weeks to see how it integrates with the site. If I get any problems, I'll just switch back to my LJ.
I think, another reason I have to skip work tomorrow. I have to finish my site. BWAHAHAHAAA~~!

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